Monday, March 5, 2012

"I need a dumptruck baby to unload my head..."

Hello and welcome!

A bit of personal history.  I was born in Santa Monica and moved up to Boise when I was nine.  I went to school here grades 4 through 12 and got a B.A. in English from UC Santa Barbara.  In the years following my graduation, I've been working a variety of crap jobs, drinking too much (on occasion), getting to know some really fantastic people around Boise (and a few not-too-fantastic ones) and making some fumbling, hesitant steps towards establishing some kind of writing career.

This blog is one of those steps.  I'm setting it up as a repository for my thoughts on the books I've been reading, the movies and TV shows I've been watching and the music I've been listening to.  I hope to use it as a tool for sharpening my writing and, hopefully, meeting some people with similar tastes and interests as mine.  You can check my profile to get an idea of the kind of stuff that I'm into and that I'll be writing about here.  Hope you like it!

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