Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cap Gun Suicide and Dying Famous @ the Red Room (5/5/12)

Oy.  Two blog posts in two days.  I was ready to take a break from writing, go down to the Red Room and have a nice, laid-back Cinco de Mayo.

Then I got to the Red Room and heard the music.  Sigh.  Time to get out the notepad...

I walked in near the start of Cap Gun Suicide's set.  After listening to a few songs, I grew puzzled by the audience's rather tame response to this local, four-person hard rock band (it picked up as more people showed up, but still...).  Have hipsters become so jaded or rarefied in their tastes that solid melodies and hooks, smart lyrics, buzzsaw guitar, streamlined bass and hard-hitting drums do nothing for them?  Who knows?  In spite of the muted reception, the band gave a more-than-decent performance: they cracked jokes, got a good groove going, unveiled some strong new songs and pulled off covers of U2's "With Or Without You" and Neil Young's "Rockin' In the Free World."  My only complaint about their set was that the guitar sounded a little quiet.  But you could turn that into a compliment for this group--they make music that should make the walls rattle.

After Cap Gun Suicide came Dying Famous, another local four-person rock band.  This group had a much more metal feel than Cap Gun Suicide did: slower tempos, longer guitar solos, Danzig and Rage Against the Machine covers.  They played a little too loosely and raggedly to really qualify as heavy metal, but as a guy who's always preferred punk anyway, I didn't consider that such a bad thing.  Of course, it helped that these guys clearly didn't take themselves too seriously.  They cracked wise throughout their set, sang songs with lines like "You smell like gin, you've only had wine," let a drunk-as-a-skunk Irishman grab a mic and holler incoherently while they tuned up and closed with a hilarious anthem entitled "Big Balls."

You can find info about these two bands on Facebook and elsewhere online.

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