Friday, July 6, 2012

Like A Rocket, Hopeless Jack and the Handsome Devil and Parade of Bad Guys @ Grainey's Basement (7/5/12)

From what I gather, there was some good music getting played around town this First Thursday (congratulations to ORRiginal Promotions for their Red Room show).  I opted to check out this show at Grainey's Basement, which was set up by Keesha Renna's Vagabond Promotions and which featured Like A Rocket and mega-hard-rockin' blues duo Hopeless Jack and the Handsome Devil.

Quite a few people came down to Tom Grainey's, but most of them chose to hang out on the patio.  I can't honestly fault them for that: it got pretty friggin' warm in there.  Hopefully, some of the music travelled upstairs.

Like A Rocket started off the evening with a typically strong performance.  Speedy Gray's voice and guitar sounded in particularly good form, Max Klymenko kept the songs grooving along and Z.V. House got to show off his skills a little by playing and tuning at the same time.  Their set this night was composed entirely of newer material--even played a couple of songs that even I hadn't heard before.  Hopefully, they'll include some of this material on their upcoming album.

Next up was Portland-based Hopeless Jack and the Handsome Devil, who likewise turned in their typical raucous set.  At one point, Hopeless Jack quipped that he'd lost half his body weight when they played in Bend, OR the night before.  They probably lost a few pounds this night too: by the end, both halves of this team were thoroughly drenched in sweat.  It was good to see some folks venture downstairs to check these guys out.

HJ and drummer Smilin' Pete gave a couple of shout-outs to Parade of Bad Guys during their set.  I thought that right commendable, though it would've been nice if they'd thanked Like A Rocket also.  They may have just been too preoccupied.  In any case, I had to give them bonus points for covering one of my favorite blues songs (with a little rewriting), Robert Nighthawk's "Sweet Black Angel."

Local group Parade of Bad Guys closed out the night.  There set wasn't as intense or galvanizing as the other two bands', but that was probably for the best: it gave the audience a chance to mellow out a bit.  Which isn't to say that it didn't get them dancing and cheering too.  They delivered excellent guitar solos and a good groove throughout, and they did a decent cover of one of the greatest songs in the history of mankind: The Faces' "Ooh La La."  Part of me wonders if they got that song from Ooh La La or from Rushmore, but that doesn't really matter.  If any local group has the right to cover The Faces, this one does.

You can find info on these groups on Facebook and elsewhere online.  And for any touring bands looking to book shows around Boise, you can contact Vagabond Promotions via Facebook, email or call 1 (208) 283-0259.

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