Sunday, August 12, 2012

Oh Dear! and Naked Apes @ the Flying M Coffee-Garage (8/10/12)

I have my superficial moments, as readers of this blog have undoubtedly noticed.  I'll look at the info on a show sometimes and say, "Ooh!  That's a neat name!  I'll go see that!"  Such was the case with this show.  But c'mon, you gotta admit--Oh Dear! and the Woodboogers are pretty neat names.

I counted a little over 20 people in the audience for this show.  A chunk of them left after the first act, which was really too bad.  But hey, that's one reason why I write this blog: it gives me bragging rights.  Not to mention money and women.  (Yeah, right.)

First up this night was the Caldwell duo Naked Apes, who had apparently changed their name from the Woodboogers prior to the show.  Whatever they choose to call themselves, they showed quite a bit of promise.  Gabe Arellano's guitar soared on top while Devon Roth's drums rumbled and boomed down below, and their unvarnished vocals gave their terse tunes a certain rough-hewn charm.  At least a decent amount of people got to hear their raucous set-capping cover of "Pipeline."

After Naked Apes came Oh Dear!, a five-man indie-rock band from Tacoma, WA.  Brandon Sagnella's boyish, slightly detached vocals sounded a little strained, but they delivered the pleasant tunes well enough and suited the neurotic lyrics.  And anyway, this group gave the handful of folks in the audience plenty of other stuff to listen to: intertwining guitar lines, stabilizing basslines and complementary dual drummers.  Their sinuous, assured groove and natty arrangements gave me hope that the smart, insecure guy in their songs will get his act together one of these days.

You can find info on these groups on Facebook and elsewhere online.  Special thanks to Nathan Walker and the Flying M.

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