Friday, December 28, 2012

Demoni and Wilt Chamberlin's Baby @ Liquid (12/24/12)

A lot of people, I imagine, spent this last Christmas Eve off at church, at home with their loved ones or even just in front of their TV's watching It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street or A Christmas Story for the umpteenth time.  Me, I found myself at home itching for something to do, so I decided to check out this show down at Liquid.  I'll leave it up to you to decide how sad that is.

Seriously, this show interested me because it represented a variety of firsts.  Not only would I get to write about two local groups for the first time, I'd get to cover a show at Liquid and a show set up by local label 1332 Records for the first time.  Besides, my family's favorite Christmas movie was always Die Hard, and I don't have a copy of it right now (have to remedy that...).

I counted about ten people at Liquid when I arrived, including Jennifer Orr of ORRiginal Promotions.  A few more would show up over the course of the night, including Justin Cantrell of the Shredder, Jason Rucker of the Useless/Third Base and the lead singer of Piranhas.  Fit audience let me find and all that.

Wilt Chamberlin's Baby opened the show.  This trio backed up their catchy pop-punk tunes with raspy vocals, buzzsaw guitar, melodious basslines and muscular, offhandedly ornate drumwork.  Impressive stuff.  Between songs, drummer J.R.'s oddball banter established him as possibly the goofiest bastard in southwest Idaho.  He got in a pretty good drum solo too.

His bandmates headed back to the bar during this part here.

Local psychobilly/surf band Demoni played next.  Here I was feeling all proud for noting the influence of the Misfits on their music and their tongue-in-cheek menacing vibe when I see that they list them on their Facebook page.  That's the arrogance of critics for ya.  Anyway, this group's soaring, metallic guitar, rumbling stand-up bass and rip-roaring drums demolished any qualms that I may have had about going out on Christmas Eve.  So did their high-energy stage act.

You can find info on these groups and 1332 Records on Facebook and elsewhere online.

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