Thursday, January 10, 2013

CAMP, Lucid Aisle and Ugly Hussy @ Neurolux (1/8/13)

I decided to check this show out because it was the first time that CAMP would play a Radio Boise gig.  Actually, as far as I know, this was the first time that CAMP would play a show at Neurolux.  Anyway, this show also gave me the chance to see Lucid Aisle, whose set at the MV & EE show had impressed me greatly, and Ugly Hussy, an act I'd never heard of before.

I counted twenty people when I arrived at Neurolux.  The crowd would double by the time that Lucid Aisle played.  Not bad for the first Radio Boise Tuesday of the year.  Also, I saw among the audience Cameron Andreas's bandmates from the new Green Jello: Dustin Jones, Geno Lopez, even Bill Manspeaker.  Wow, guy must really dig this town...

Ugly Hussy opened the show.  With just a Fender guitar and some looping pedals, this local musician conjured up a dense fog of chiming riffs and licks, clanging beats and ethereal tunes.  He got some much-earned whoops and cheers, and not just from the friends/family (I'm guessing) who moved up front to take pictures with their smartphones.  If someone's looking to fill a bill with Iconoplasty, this guy would fit nicely.

Lucid Aisle played next.  About midway through this set, I started feeling kinda sorry for CAMP.  If I were in a rock band, no way in hell would I ever want to follow a performance like this.  Between their muscular drums, their coursing basslines and their carpet-bombing guitar, this trio called to mind Brett Netson and Snakes but with better tunes and stronger vocals.  The audience's reaction was much less subdued here than it was at the Red Room back in November: they whistled and cheered as if this was the headlining act (I also saw one gentleman hold up his lighter).  Just a matter of time, I expect...

Lucid Aisle may have stolen some of their thunder, but CAMP's set was still worthy of its live broadcast on Radio Boise.  Pops Miranda's nimble drumming, Aaron Ajeti's rumbling bass and Cameron Andreas's screeching guitar bounced and surged and skanked together in fine style.  Cameron Andreas's croon sounded in good form, and he tossed in some pleasantly weird synthesizer noise as well.  This performance received some warm applause as well as some dancing from Geno Lopez and an unidentified lady.  The dancing was pretty adorable, I must admit.

You can find info on these acts on Facebook and elsewhere online.  Special thanks to Eric Gilbert and Radio Boise.

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