Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Treefort 2013 Lineup Announcement (Round 3)


I was already pumped about the upcoming Treefort Music Fest, but then the Treefort people unveiled their latest batch of acts today.  Some of these artists will be part of a three-night showcase organized by Doug Martsch of Built to Spill.  To see all of the latest acts, click here.  Here are some of the groups that I'm excited about:

Camper Van Beethoven--I had to do a double-take when I saw this name.  I can't say that I've listened to them much, but I know enough about these indie-rock-meets-world-music pioneers to be amazed that they're coming here.  HUGE catch.

Quasi--My two favorite living rock drummers are Charlie Watts and Janet Weiss.  Charlie Watts, in case you didn't know, plays drums for the Rolling Stones.  Janet Weiss, in case you didn't know, played drums for one of the greatest bands of the past twenty years, Sleater-Kinney.  She currently plays drums for Wild Flag (whose lineup includes her old S-K bandmate, Carrie Brownstein) and this group here.  Beyond stoked.

The Mallard--I found myself at a loss trying to describe this band back in July.  The best I came up with was a combination of Gang of Four, Richard Hell and the Voidoids and White Light/White Heat-period Velvet Underground.  If they bring it like they did at the Manor, people might need oxygen afterwards.

El Ten Eleven--From what I've heard, their last performance at Neurolux was pretty extraordinary.  I'm glad that I might get the chance to see them here.  I might need a snowplow to get through the crowd, but such is the nature of music festivals.

The Thermals--I've been hearing good things about this group for a while, and what I've listened to by them bears it out.  Smart, quirky, solid tune sense, strong beat, fond of distortion.  Should be a lotta fun.

Built to Spill--Yeah, you probably saw this one coming.  Still, they haven't won Best Local Band in the Boise Weekly for five of the past six years for nothing.

Finn Riggins--Yeah, you probably saw this one coming too.  Still, not only are they one of my top 5 Idaho bands, they're a BIG part of what made Treefort possible.  Show some love, people.

Death Songs--Try to imagine Skip James gone indie-rock.  That's kinda what Nicholas Delffs sounded like when he played the VAC last March.  Should be a good one.

Wolvserpent--I may well be the only hipster-ish individual in town who hasn't seen this mega-heavy duo yet.  Might need to man up and brave the maelstrom.

Brett Netson and Snakes--Hey, I got no problem with wild-ass guitar noise.  And judging from their Red Room set last month, Snakes can definitely hold up their end of the deal.

The Hand--One part Fun House, one part Bleach.  RAWK.

Dark Swallows--Glad to see that this local group is in the lineup again.  Always liked them, and they've been getting even better.

Tartufi--Geez Loueez.  Like I've said before, this group oughtta just buy a house here.  But seriously, they love Boise, and Boise loves them right back.  On both sides, the feelings are justified.

Earth--These droners have a helluva history.  Slim Moon, founder of the Kill Rock Stars label, was one of their original members.  They were signed to Sub Pop back in the 90's, and Kurt Cobain played with them now and again.  Might be a good warm-up/cool-down for Wolvserpent.

Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt--The name alone would've gotten me interested in this group.  Then I read this New York Times write-up on them and gave some of their stuff on Bandcamp a listen.  Should be interesting, at the very least.

Karaoke from Hell--"Isn't that name a little redundant?" I thought at first.  Then I read this Portland Monthly article on them and thought, "Wow, this could actually be a lotta fun."

That's all for now.  Again, to see the full lineup to date, got to  Two more months!

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