Monday, March 18, 2013

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Treefort 2013 Community Posts

As many of you are undoubtedly aware, Treefort 2013 will soon be upon us.  I'm gonna be running myself ragged listening to bands, snapping pictures and scribbling in my notepad(s).  It'll be fun, but it'll be hard.  What'll be even harder, however, is knowing that wherever I go and whatever cool stuff I see/hear, there's probably gonna be other cool stuff happening at the same time at a bunch of different places.  One humble blogger cannot possibly see, hear and write about it all.

So, with that in mind, I'm asking for your help.

I plan on covering Treefort in much the same manner that I did last year: I'll write blow-by-blow accounts of my experiences on all four days and follow those up a week or two later with a Treefort Top 10 post.  This year, however, I'd also like to do a series of posts devoted exclusively to the experiences of other festival-goers.  I don't just want stuff about the music; I'd also like stuff about street scenes, random encounters, anything at all connected to the festival.   If you'd like to contribute to this little project, you can send a photo or a brief paragraph to a special email address that I've set up,  Please include the following info with your submission:

Your name
The name of the musician/band/people in the photo (if you send a picture)
Location (venue, street, etc.)
The date on which the photo was taken or the incident you're writing about took place.

Depending on how many submissions I receive, I'll publish up to four community posts (one for each day of Treefort).  I can't guarantee that I'll include everything that I receive, and I can't promise either fortune (I can't pay for submissions) or fame (though, from what I gather, quite a few people read this blog now).  I just want something that conveys a vaster and more detailed portrait of the Treefort experience than I can create on my own.  So, again, if you'd like to contribute, send your submissions to

That's all for now.  See you at Treefort!

PS: Please type in the subject line of your email "Treefort 2013 Photo/Paragraph."  The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2013.

DISCLAIMERS: By sending me a photo or paragraph, you grant me one time use rights to it.  Please do not send me any depictions of illegal or pornographic acts.

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