Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Teton Avenue, the Torn ACLs and Naked Apes @ the Flying M Concert-Garage (3/9/13)

I always enjoy seeing shows at the Flying M, so this show attracted my interest right off the bat.  Even better, it featured the Torn ACLs, a Seattle group I'd never seen before, and Teton Avenue and Naked Apes, two Idaho bands I hadn't seen in a good long while.

I counted about thirty people when I got out to Nampa.  By the time that the Torn ACLs played, the audience had built to around forty-five.  A pretty solid number.  Also, it turned out that I wasn't the only one covering the show.  In the crowd was Samantha Donaldson, a young lady who has recently moved to Nampa from Hollywood.  She's been doing some impressive work on her blog Indie Band Finder.  Check it out at

Naked Apes kicked off the show.  They sounded a little ragged but not nearly enough so to tarnish the appeal of their sunny tunes, buzzing guitar and rapid-fire drumming.  I couldn't really make out the lyrics, but their songs were well-crafted enough to give me hope.

The Torn ACLs played next.  Just when I think I'm gonna scream if I have to listen to one more 60's surf/pop/garage knock-off, some group shows that there's still some gas in that little deuce coupe.  These guys' limber groove belied that touch of knock-kneed shtick and went a long way towards distinguishing their boyish vocals, jangling guitars, propulsive basslines and steady drumming.  Some sharp lyrics about urban dysfunction and trying not to crash the boss's car helped a lot too.  Also welcome was their dry, self-deprecating stage banter.

Teton Avenue closed out the night.  These dudes have come a long way since I saw them last May. Their light vocals, chiming guitars, piercing solos, smooth basslines and fast-stepping drums made me think a little of what the Strokes might sound like if they weren't a bunch of spoiled rich boys.  Although they still had some rough edges, they got about eighty-five percent of the way towards realizing their catchy tunes and savvy arrangements' considerable potential.  They went for a clap-along and got it.  They also gave shout-outs to the Pemble brothers, the Android House and Caldwell as a whole.  Good for them.

You can find info on these groups on Facebook and elsewhere online.

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