Friday, April 5, 2013

Treefort 2013 Community Post

So a few weeks ago, I made an announcement here about a special series of posts I wanted to do.  These posts would be devoted exclusively to the experiences of other people at this year's Treefort Music Fest.  I invited readers to submit a photo or brief paragraph about something that stood out for them.  My hope was to present a portrait of Treefort grander and more detailed than I could make on my own and a bit more personal than a Facebook news feed.

In all, I received submissions from two people.  Well, it was a thought.

In any case, I'm most grateful to Mark Pemble and Tyler Walker for their submissions.  I'd also like to thank Eric Gilbert, Matt Dalley, Matt Jones and all the good people at Duck Club Presents.  Last but definitely not least, thanks once again to Jenny Bowler for the use of her beautiful photos.  Honestly, part of me dreads going back to just using my own pictures.

Here are the submissions I received.

Mark Pemble: Nyssa, Oregon's own Oso Negro at the Reef Thursday evening.  The crowd was definitely more of a hip-hop crowd.  He also had a few of his Nyssa homies in the crowd.

Mark Pemble: Wax Idols at the Linen Building Saturday.

Tyler Walker: Four days of Treefort in three minutes.

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