Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Little Barefoot and A Sea of Glass @ the Crux (5/6/13)

A Sea of Glass had impressed me greatly when they opened for Garage Voice back in November, but I hadn't seen them since.  That gave me a good reason to check this show out.  It helped as well that I'd never seen or heard Little Barefoot before.

I counted a little over twenty people at the Crux when I arrived.  Unfortunately, Cary Judd had already played by that point.  Oh well.  I'll see his band, the Blaqks, soon enough.  Besides, I guess it's kinda refreshing to have a show start before its advertised time (the Facebook event page said 9 PM).

A Sea of Glass's set reconfirmed my good opinion of them.  Their angelic vocals, ringing keyboard, serene violin, driving drums and rubbery bass flowed together with impressive ease and assurance.  Their bittersweet lyrics and melodies and their polished arrangements would sound sharp coming from bands twice their age.  It's funny: I like to think that I pay close attention to the music scene around Boise, and it just feels like these guys popped up from out of nowhere.  Well, in any case, they're here.  And more people should know about them.

Little Barefoot closed out the night.  This Utah band's murmured vocals, soothing tunes, supple rhythm section and gliding violin sounded not dissimilar to A Sea of Glass's.  Their music had an agreeable folk/country tint, however, and their gently clanging guitar and tripped-out distortion added a touch of straight-ahead rock.  The crowd stayed in their seats for the most part but still applauded warmly enough to get an encore.

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