Saturday, May 25, 2013

Telekinesis and Deep Sea Diver @ the Flying M Concert-Garage (5/22/13)

I hadn't heard of Telekinesis prior to this show.  However, I took it as a good sign that Deep Sea Diver, one of my favorite Treefort 2013 acts, was opening for him/them.  I just hoped that more people would show up at this show than at the Couches show on the night before.

Well, a few more people showed up.  The crowd numbered about twenty-five when I arrived and included most if not all of Hollow Wood.  By my estimate, it would peak at somewhere between ninety and a hundred.

Deep Sea Diver played first.  Hey, I never said I wasn't petty.  I enjoyed this Seattle band's Treefort set very much, but when I listened to their album afterwards, the ee-dee-oh-seen-kwah-sees of Jessica Dobson's vocals got on my nerves.  Hearing their warmth and tenderness live again, however, I couldn't help but feel like a bit of a dick.  Dobson's joyous stage presence didn't assuage my guilt.  I managed to put it aside, though, in order to enjoy the strong, smooth beats, the chiming guitars, the rippling keyboards and the 60's pop-tinged tunes once more.  Also, not only can Peter Mansen beat them skins hard, I can't remember the last drummer I saw who was this much fun just to watch (grinning, hair-flailing, etc.).

Telekinesis played next.  I listened to two or three songs and thought, "Damn good indie-pop/rock."  Then I noticed how, on number after number, the turbo-charged rhythms, sunny guitars, ringing keyboard and lovely melodies didn't falter or let up.  Then I noticed the unaffected, un-cutesy forthrightness of Michael Benjamin Lerner's breathy vocals.  Then I started thinking that I should change that "damn good" to "damn great."  A lot of people seemed to reach that conclusion quicker than I did: it took about two songs to get them on their feet and in front of the stage.  The band grinned, bounced and clapped to the beat, and the crowd followed suit.

Before I wrap up this post, I have to share a joke that Telekinesis' bassist told during their set: "Why can't they put a statue of Skrillex in the town square?  Because of the wobbly base."  Hey, I thought that that was hilarious.

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