Thursday, February 14, 2013

Treefort 2013 Full Lineup Announcement

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Here it is.  The whole enchilada.

The good people at Treefort Music Fest rolled out their complete lineup today.  Included are a bunch of newcomers, a few alumni from Treefort 2012 and a veritable crapload of excellent local acts.  Click here to see the full list of artists.  Here are some of the ones I'm excited about:

Storie Grubb and the Holy Wars--If any group deserves to be known outside of Boise, this one does.  They've got it all: great look, great sound, great songs.  Not having them play this festival would've been downright criminal.

a.k.a. Belle--I once called this group the warmest, funniest, friendliest great band in town.  I can't add much more to that.  Aside from saying (again) that Catherine Merrick is my favorite singer in Idaho.  Sam Merrick ain't too shabby on the git-tar neither.

Andy D--Dude, just watch this video and tell me you wouldn't like to see this guy live.  This'll give me a chance to partially make up for dropping the ball with last year's Evil Wine Carnival.

Brother Ali--Any guy who earns reviews like these from Robert Christgau will be worth a listen.

CAMP, Hedtriip and Meth House Party Band--Twin Falls representing.  Right on!

Eternal Fair--This Seattle trio impressed me greatly when I saw them at Grainey's Basement last April.  Crosby, Stills and Nash harmonies meets Jimi Hendrix psychedelic blues-funk-rock.  This set is gonna smoke.

The Sneezzbole--Razor-sharp musicianship yoked to some of the goofiest, funniest, funkiest material coming out of Boise today.  Gonna be wicked fun.

Rubedo--These guys killed it at their Radio Boise Tuesday gig back in October.  Good to see that they'll (most likely) be playing to a much larger crowd.

Ash Reiter--This group opened for Hospitality back in October and made quite the good impression on me.  Elegant riffs, moody melodies, Elvin Jones-worthy drumming.  I just wonder if they'll be playing as a duo or as the full five-piece.

Copyright 2013 Treefort Music Fest

Sun Blood Stories--This group has been kicking some serious ass since they became a quartet.  In the words of James Brown, "We're gonna have a funky good time."

K Flay--This girl's mind-bending flow and socially conscious lyrics earned her a spot on my Top 10 list for Treefort 2012.  Good to see that she's coming back.

Red Hands Black Feet--Yeah, these guys are okay, I guess.  Got some chops.  Songs are kinda long, though.  Also, why don't they get a singer?  Just kidding, of course.  If you don't know by now how much I love this band, you REALLY haven't been paying attention.

Hey V Kay--It makes me very, very happy to see this new-ish local act on the Treefort roster.  Karen Havey's sexy, haunting electro-pop is a most welcome addition to the Boise scene.

Edmond Dantes--Hey V Kay's only local competition when it comes to making sexy, haunting electro-pop.

Aaron Mark Brown--I've been wanting to see this Nampa singer-songwriter again for a while.  His performance at the Desert Noises show last August convinced me that he's a major talent.

Grandma Kelsey--In case you didn't hear, she'll be going to Kenya soon.  Show her some love now cuz man, you'll miss her when she's gone.

Y La Bamba--They've played Boise before, but I didn't see them.  Intriguing stuff, from what little I've heard.

Gregory Rawlins--Damn good songwriter.  Played Treefort last year with his band Sons of Guns.  Hope he doesn't get arrested this year.

The Gunfighters--The leader of this local group came out of a coma recently and has been recovering from brain damage.  He did well at the Crux's open mic a couple of weeks back.  Gotta respect the man for getting back in the saddle.  Best of luck to him and his bandmates.

This is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg.  Again, for the complete lineup, go to  And then go buy your tickets already!

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